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Ayurveda, the ancient Indian system of medicine, places great importance on maintaining oral hygiene for overall well-being. One of the key practices advocated by Ayurveda is tongue cleaning, and a copper tongue cleaner is often recommended for this purpose.

Embarking on a journey rooted in Ayurvedic traditions, copper tongue cleaning emerges as a timeless wellness secret. Practiced for millennia, this ritual extends beyond oral hygiene, profoundly affecting one's overall health. In the modern era, the popularity of copper tongue cleaning is on the rise, driven by its simplicity, safety, and transformative impact. 

By delving into the several benefits of this practice, we unravel the wisdom behind daily tongue cleaning and explore why opting for a copper tongue cleaner can revolutionize your self-care routine, ensuring not just oral freshness but holistic well-being.

What is a Tongue Cleaner or Scraper?

A tongue scraper or cleaner is a simple yet effective oral hygiene tool designed to remove debris, bacteria, and toxins from the surface of the tongue. Typically made from materials like plastic, stainless steel, or copper, these devices feature a flat, slightly curved surface. The primary purpose of a tongue scraper is to gently glide over the tongue, capturing and eliminating buildup that can lead to bad breath, gum irritation, and other oral health issues. 

Why is Tongue Cleaning Important?

The tongue acts as a haven for bacteria, debris, and toxins that accumulate throughout the day and night. Regular cleaning helps remove these impurities, preventing issues like bad breath and promoting fresher breath. Beyond the immediate benefits, tongue cleaning is integral to preventing the buildup of harmful bacteria that can contribute to cavities, gum irritation, and other dental problems. 

The Ayurvedic Perspective on Tongue Cleaning

In Ayurveda, the tongue is considered a powerful diagnostic tool, reflecting the internal state of the body. The accumulation of “Ama”, a coating on the tongue comprising toxins, bacteria, food debris, and dead cells, is recognized as a hindrance to both oral hygiene and broader systemic health.

Ayurveda emphasizes the regular cleaning of the tongue as a means to remove this buildup, preventing its reabsorption into the body. By doing so, optimal oral and systemic health are promoted. This ancient practice aligns with Ayurvedic principles of balance and harmony within the body.

Tongue cleaning is seen as an effective method to balance the doshas, particularly Pitta and Kapha. These vital energies, when in equilibrium, contribute to improved digestion, enhanced overall well-being, and a harmonious internal environment.

What does an Unhealthy Tongue look like?

An unhealthy tongue may exhibit signs such as a thick, discolored coating, persistent redness, swelling, bumps, or unusual sensations. Cracks, scalloped edges, and changes in color, including a black and hairy appearance, can also indicate potential issues. Persistent bad breath despite oral hygiene practices is another concerning factor. Regular self-checks are essential, but a conclusive diagnosis requires professional evaluation, ensuring prompt intervention for any identified health concerns.

What does a Healthy Tongue look like?

A healthy tongue typically appears pink, moist, and with a thin, transparent white coating. It's free from significant discoloration, swelling, or unusual bumps. The taste buds are visible but not enlarged. A healthy tongue contributes to fresh breath and optimal oral hygiene. While variations exist, maintaining this baseline appearance indicates good oral and overall health. Regular self-checks can help identify deviations from this norm, allowing for timely intervention if needed.

How to Use a Tongue Cleaner?

It is recommended to begin your day by tongue scraping in the morning on an empty stomach before brushing.

  • Stand in front of a mirror for a clear view of your tongue during the scraping process.
  • Firmly grasp the ends of the copper tongue scraper for a comfortable grip.
  • Stick your tongue out and extend it without straining during the scraping.
  • Place the rounded edge at the back of your tongue and gently but firmly scrape forward.
  • Apply gentle pressure to cover the entire tongue surface, avoiding excessive force.
  • Rinse the scraper and repeat the scraping process 5-10 times, ensuring thorough coverage.
  • After scraping, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water to eliminate loosened debris.
  • Proceed with your regular oral hygiene routine, including brushing your teeth for comprehensive cleanliness.

What are the Benefits of Copper Tongue Cleaners?

 The tongue serves as a mirror reflecting internal health, crucial in Ayurvedic diagnostics. Throughout the day, it accumulates a coating known as “Ama”, which must be removed on a regular basis.. Let us have a look at the benefits of copper tongue cleaner:

Benefits of Copper Tongue Cleaners - Ohria Ayurveda

  • Enhanced Taste:
  • Regular use of a copper tongue cleaner may improve taste sensitivity, allowing better recognition and enjoyment of various tastes.

  • Halitosis Cure:
  • Effectively combats bad breath by removing volatile sulphur compounds responsible for the odor.

  • Reduced Oral Bacteria:
  • Daily use of a copper tongue scraper for at least two weeks reduces the proliferation of oral bacteria, minimizing the risk of gum infections.

  • Cleaner Tongue:
  • Promotes a noticeable reduction in the white or grey coating on the tongue, indicating a decrease in bacterial growth and food residue.

  • Durability and Shelf Life:
  • Copper tongue scrapers are durable and long-lasting, surpassing the lifespan of plastic alternatives. Being recyclable, copper aligns with sustainable practices for environmentally conscious individuals.

  • Essential Trace Mineral:
  • Copper is believed in Ayurveda to balance doshas, especially Pitta and Kapha, fostering improved digestion and overall well-being and supporting harmony within the body.

  • Effective Cleaning:
  • The unique design of a copper tongue scraper ensures thorough cleaning without causing discomfort. Adaptable to the tongue's contours, it effectively removes the coating.




    Integrating tongue scraping into daily routines aligns with Ayurvedic principles. This simple ritual contributes to overall oral health, preventing issues like bad breath and promoting digestive well-being. One simple addition can bring about a significant change in your health and well-being. 

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