‘Roopam, Gunam, Vayastyag, Iti Shubhanga Karanam’

According to Ayurveda, beauty comprises outer, inner and lasting beauty.Nourish your mind & body, connect with yourinner self. Celebrate your own magnificenceand your beauty will always shine through.

The Learning | beginning

Ohria stands for natural ayurvedic products made from formulations passed on by ancestors of my Ayurved Acharya (Teacher) in Rishikesh, His fore fathers served the royalty in ancient India. I learnt from him preparations of oils, butters, salves. Following traditional authentic ayurvedic formulation. Learning all the secretsof plants, herbs collecting each herb by appropriate chanting of mantras before sunrise, we followed him everywhere watching and learning. All my summer vacations were spent learning Ayurveda.


Rajni's journey toward becoming an expert in aromatherapy and natural products began with a seed of knowledge planted by one of her teachers. Eager to expand her understanding, she pursued a variety of courses to deepen her expertise. Driven by her passion for creating high-quality products, she spent years crafting items from her home. Eventually, her desire to share her creations with others compelled her to establish a wider-reaching enterprise that could benefit everyone.

Ode To My Teacher

Following years of research conducted with a team of skilled ayurvedic physicians, Ohria has developed a product line that stays true to the secret formulations passed down from Rajni's teacher. Emulating the teacher's practices, Ohria employs only natural and naturally derived ingredients to craft the deliverable products, keeping the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda alive. The result is a collection of Ayurvedic products that are simple yet effective, paying tribute to Rajni's teacher and serving as a testament to the power of natural remedies.

My Promise

Ohria's commitment to unlocking the secrets of Ayurveda is evident in the way they source the most potent and sacred herbs and plants as ingredients, carefully selecting them from the Himalayas and other reliable sources. Leveraging the secret formulations passed down to Rajni by her teacher, Ohria meticulously nurtures and develops each product with love and passion. The result is a product line that is imbued with the power of Ayurveda, aimed at benefiting everyone. May beauty and good health through the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda be with you.

Om, Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramayah, Sarve Bhadrani Pasyantu, Ma Kashchit Dukha Bhagbhavet,
Om Shantih! Om Shantih! Om Shantih!