Enlighten Your Diwali With The Grace Of Copper Candles

As lighting the diyas and candles during Diwali has been a tradition since ages. Going back to our roots, and dissing the synthetic wax candles and plastic containers. Ohria Ayurveda has handcrafted copper and brass container fragrant luxury candles, which are procured organically from natural ingredients and are completely environment friendly.

Ohria’s Luxury candles

Enliven your senses and beautify your environment with Ohria's Luxury Copper Candles. It gives a holistic, divine and calm air around.

A characteristic mix of Soft Soy wax, coconut and carnauba with beeswax, a crude item procured from the honeycomb.

Ohria candles burn slower, are non-poisonous and produces no ash.

Natural aromas from essential oils and plants make them safe for the environment. High-quality pure copper and metal holders exude positivity.
Natural waxes are hand poured and cotton wicks are handmade to make these eco-friendly pure ayurvedic candles.
These candles are 100% vegan and free from paraffin, colours, lead or any animal byproducts.


Sandalwood and Kesar luxury copper candle

Available in the rich and wonderful aroma of Sandalwood and Kesar to purify your surroundings. The yellow hue is from natural amba haldi extracts. The soothing fragrance of this organic candle brings out the balance and consonance at deeper levels of mind which helps nurture our good health and well-being. It also boosts our thought process and keeps us in a positive state of mind.

Raatrani and Mint Luxury copper candle

An authentic blend of natural ingredients, Raatrani and Mint. Raatrani flower that blooms just at night captures the cooling and calming properties from the moon. The sultry scent reminds of the incredible evening blossoming Jasmine. The sultry fragrance of Raatrani and Mint for the night to allure the feeling of adoration and warmth. The white sweet-smelling Raatrani flower concentrates and oils are infused in natural wax.

Rose and Oudh luxury copper candle

The soaked rose petal extracts give a delicate pink colour to the natural waxes. Delightfully scented rose and oudh help to get rid of physical & mental stress, instils a feeling of serenity, peacefulness and balance.

All our Candles are available in three sizes:

Small: INR1250/-

Medium- INR 1550/-

Large- INR1850/-

Light up your houses with these candles to foster a sense of being into a naturally fragrant environment and breathe in life extraordinaire! Ohria’s scented luxury copper candles make up for perfect Diwali gifting.

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