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Clear, glowing skin is a common goal shared by most. “Chandan” or Sandalwood is a common household ingredient that can be instrumental in achieving a smoother and brighter complexion. My father, an ardent believer in traditions and traditional practices, religiously applies a Chandan mask to his forehead every day - saying it keeps his “mastishk” cool and calm, and propagates its use within my generation who stand to benefit from this calming effect in a fast-paced modern world. Besides its cooling and calming properties, sandalwood provides multiple skincare benefits as well. Let’s have a look at how this ingredient can transform the skin when used regularly.

What is Sandalwood?

Sandalwood, also known as “Chandan” in Ayurveda, is a revered beauty ingredient with natural, reliable, and effective properties. Derived from the fragrant wood of the Genus Santalum tree, it is available as a brown-beige smooth powder. Beyond its use in religious rituals, sandalwood has anti-microbial and nourishing properties, making it a cure for skin issues like acne, rashes, and dryness. This ancient Indian superstar ingredient is celebrated for providing brighter, clearer, and more radiant skin. “Chandan” (Sandalwood) is also known in Ayurveda to enhance the overall harmony of the body, due to its Tri-doshak qualities, i.e. it positively impacts and brings into balance the three Doshas- Vata, Pitta & Kapha.

Used in aromatherapy and meditation globally, sandalwood's soft, woody aroma is also prized in many religious faiths. Its benefits extend to soaps, body scrubs, and skincare, with scientific evidence supporting its efficacy in treating various skin conditions.

The History of Sandalwood in Skincare

Sandalwood's rich history in skincare spans centuries, originating in Ayurveda, India's traditional medicine system. Revered for its purity and beauty, it has been a key element in religious ceremonies and beauty rituals. The aromatic Sandalwood tree, native to India and Southeast Asia, yields oil from its bark's central part. This oil, known for its distinct scent, is used in anointing rituals and is believed to possess spiritual properties.

Beyond its ceremonial use, sandalwood has historical significance as one of the oldest incense materials, prized for calming the mind and aiding in meditation. The wood itself, valued for sacred carvings and ritual burning, was even utilized for medicinal purposes.

However, the global demand for sandalwood has led to its depletion, making sandalwood oil one of the world's most expensive essential oils. Today, the scientific community rediscovers the medicinal benefits of Indian sandalwood, recognizing its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-proliferative properties within the context of modern medicine.

Types of Sandalwood

Let’s have a look at some of the major types of sandalwood and their qualities for our skin:;

1. Shweta Chandan: Commonly known as ‘Safed Chandan’ due to its white colour, this variant is most cooling, calming and is best for lightening the overall complexion. It also helps to retain moisture in the skin.

2. Rakta Chandan: This type of Sandalwood has a distinct red colour, and is best used to combat pitted scars, is anti-inflammatory and very effective in reducing the appearance of longer-term hyperpigmentation. It especially balances the pitta dosha, which is associated with the heat in the skin.

Benefits of Sandalwood

Sandalwood is not just a fragrant addition to skincare, it also offers a host of other benefits that can transform your skincare routine. Let's delve into the various ways sandalwood contributes to healthy, radiant skin:

1. Natural Soother: The mildly astringent properties purify and soothe the skin and create a comforting and relaxing effect in your skincare ritual.

2. Hydration Booster: It penetrates the skin deeply, delivering a refreshing dose of moisture, and acts as a powerful ointment, maintaining skin hydration.

3. Anti-Aging Agent: It is rich in antioxidants, maintaining skin buoyancy and combating free radicals. The astringent qualities tighten the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which ultimately promotes skin-cell turnover and prevents the buildup of dead skin cells.

4. Acne-Fighter: It helps in soothing inflammation and reducing redness caused by breakouts. The antifungal and antimicrobial properties cleanse the skin, preventing bacterial intrusion, which helps in balancing sebum production and prevents excess oil production that often leads to acne.

5. Scar Reducer: It also improves skin elasticity, reducing the appearance of scars, and has been proven to prevent and minimize thick, raised scars on the face and body.

Incorporating sandalwood into your skincare routine provides a holistic approach to nurturing and revitalizing your skin. Embrace the natural wonders of sandalwood for a skincare experience that leaves your skin feeling smoother and more supple.

Using Sandalwood in Your Skincare Routine

Sandalwood, with its myriad of benefits, offers versatile applications for a rejuvenating skincare routine. Here are various ways to harness the power of sandalwood:

1. Soothing Face Packs: 

  • Create a calming face pack by mixing sandalwood powder with our rose facial mist or yogurt.
  • Apply to the face, leave it on for 15-20 minutes, and rinse for refreshed and revitalized skin.
Gulab Ark - Ohria

    2. DIY Anti-Acne Spot Treatment:

    • Mix sandalwood powder with a drop of tea tree oil.
    • Apply this paste to acne spots overnight to reduce inflammation and promote healing.

    3. Balancing Toner: 

    • Dilute sandalwood oil with your toner for a gentle, balancing formulation.
    • Apply with a cotton pad after cleansing to tighten pores and even out skin tone.


    Gulab Ark with Rose Facial Mist - Ohria

    4. Anti-Aging Serum:


    • Mix sandalwood oil with a carrier oil like jojoba or argan oil.
    • Gently massage the face before bedtime for anti-aging benefits.

    5. Scar-fading Sandalwood Blend:

    • Combine sandalwood oil with the Ohria Brmhana Skin Serum for optimal scar reduction.
    • Apply the blend to scars regularly to promote skin rejuvenation.
    Brmhana Skin Serum - Ohria


    6. Evening Elixir:

    Kumkumadi Skin Brightening Elixir - Ohria

      7. DIY Exfoliating Scrub:

      • Mix sandalwood powder with oatmeal and honey.
      • Gently exfoliate your skin to remove dead cells and reveal a glowing complexion.

      8. Clay Mask:

      • Combine sandalwood powder with clay and water, or opt for our pre-mixed masque enriched with mint for an amplified cooling effect. Apply it as a detoxifying mask to draw out impurities and clarify the skin.
      Chandani Leap - Ohria



      As discussed, Sandalwood provides a wide range of benefits, from cooling the mind to calming the skin. These properties make it the perfect all-rounder that helps with anti-aging as well as combatting skin concerns like acne and scarring.

      As is well known, its historical use within Ayurveda and religious rituals is a testament to its importance in Indian culture, besides its applications in skin care, where it can be used as a face mask, toner, or even an exfoliating scrub, showcasing its true versatility as an ingredient.

      Ohria Ayurveda uses the purest sandalwood to provide the most effective skincare products - the Sandalwood and Mint Clay Masque cools, clarifies, firms, absorbs impurities, and visibly evens skin tone and is infused with minerals & pure sandalwood powder.

      Let us be a part of your skincare journey. Reach out to us here or alternatively, call or WhatsApp us at 9899901999 for any assistance.

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