Sculpt, Tone & Uplift Your Face, The Ayurvedic Way!

The right Skin Care can be a game-changer for your skin, & GenZ is on a constant lookout for new advances that are happening around in order to boost our skin health to look it’s optimum best!

But, as we say ‘ all we need is, all that nature has to offer’, Tracing back to our roots, ancient Indian queens used to take care of their skin with simple yet effective home remedies. In fact, their faces seemed to look ever radiant, & healthy from within.

Kansa, for perfect skin health & Ageless glow!

Ayurveda, a traditional Indian healing system focuses on holistic wellbeing by balancing the doshas of the person. A somewhat similar approach is what it has for skincare too. Present-day skincare is much more bouncing around the hyped up skincare tools like Gua-sha, jade rollers, micro-needling rollers etc. Back in past times, Ancient Indian queens used to massage with Kansa Katori, as it has multifold benefits for the skin.

Kansa metal is highly revered in Ayurveda, as it advances lymphatic seepage and eliminates accumulated toxins and works on electromagnetic energy. It tunes the chakras of the body & doshas which helps in faster healing. This pH balancing metal is a mainstream option for making utensils. Indeed, eating on a Kansa plate is known to lessen the acidity levels in food, making it more absorbable, and easier for the gut to digest.

When your skin is massaged, it prompts the circulation, supplying more oxygen into the blood, and helps to eliminate lymphatic waste. Expanded bloodstream helps to improve skin glow and regular usage leads to brightening, firm, and glowing from within appearance. It also helps in skin detoxification, as the lymphatic system is the body's natural cleansing mechanism, it acts as a channel from where the toxins are evaded and the good stuff is sent back to the circulatory system which then boosts the skin health in turn. Lymph nodes are more noticeable on the face, which results in fine lines, aged skin & dull appearance.

Massaging with the kansa wand can improve facial muscle tone, highlighting cheekbones and jawline while working further into the deeper tissues of the cheeks. Upon regular massages, the skin starts to feel tight and rejuvenated.

Sneak peek into the multifold benefits of massaging with this Ayurvedic tool
  • It is a “Natural Face Lift”, revitalizes & plumps skin, softens fine age lines, de-puff eyes, firms the jawline & cheekbones, tones facial muscles, and promotes collagen. Also called “Collagen Induction therapy”.
  • Working on the subtle electrical fields in collagen & muscular layers, Kansa Wand massage stimulates these layers thus tightens & rejuvenates skin, with youthful firmness.
  • Draws out toxins & accumulated acidity from the skin
  • It oxygenates & reduces heat & inflammation, and thus calms pitta dosha
  • Calms & relaxes the mind, removing all stress & burdens.
  • Increases blood flow & assists lymphatic drainage.
  • Regular use of Kansa Wand enhances brightness imparting clarity, and a smooth even complexion.
  • Unblocks energies ensuring a smooth flow of prana, the life force for an ever glowing, healthy skin.
  • Regularly detoxifies your skin by deeply cleansing the toxins to prevent acne breakouts.
  • Delays ageing, keeping the skin tout, firm and healthy from within
The right technique of massage is the key to a healthy skin

To restrain the wand from pulling the skin, a hydrated surface is important. If you pair the kansa wand with a fitting serum you are again expanding the effect of your treatment. Apply a serum or a face oil like Shrikamya beauty oil, to massage it well. At that point, take the wand and begin moving it in roundabout movements around the eyes, and figure-eight across the temple and upward strokes across the jaw area. The upward strokes while massaging will tone up the sagging skin and will uplift it. Also, the Kansa wand helps the product applied before to seep in well into the deeper layers of the skin. Also, if you see greyness on your skin post Kansa wand massage, just know that your massage is working and is eliminating the acidity out of your skin.

To have an ever glowing and youthful skin, it is suggested to indulge in this wonderful massage every day for 5 -10 minutes. It helps evade the stress of everyday life and imparts an ever radiant glow to the skin that’s healthy from the deepest layers.

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