The Key To The Supple, Hydrated, Ever-Youthful & Healthy Skin During Winters- Abhyanga

Abhyanga- a self-massage that is performed with warm oil. The oil is applied on the whole body, from the scalp to the sole of your feet. Ayurveda centres around keeping up the wellbeing through regular practices like massages and what you eat.

The oil is the focal part of this procedure and when performed with the correct massage strokes, it profoundly benefits the wellbeing and health.

There are various types of Abhyanga:

Head massage- Shiro Abhyanga

One who massages their head daily with oils has healthy long hair, aids to alleviate head-ache, premature greying, and alopecia while strengthening the cranial bones significantly. Hair follicles become stronger, senses become clearer, the facial skin becomes smoother and the person gets sound sleep and happiness.

Perform this practise regularly before your every head bath.

Body Massage- Abhyanga

When a machine is oiled it becomes firm in working so does the human body when massaged with oil.

The skin gets excellent, Vata imbalances are alleviated, and tolerance of the body to deal with external factors is upgraded. Thus, an individual should practice it routinely.. An individual, by applying sesame oil or any beneficial Ayurvedic oils like Dhanwantharam oil, gets a smooth and strong, firm and toned body, while easing back the age cycle.

Foot Massage- Pada Abhyanga

The stiffness, dryness, exhaustion and deadness of feet are relieved by massaging the legs. The legs accomplish tenderness, strength, firmness, and the vata is relieved. Foot massage additionally prevents grudhrasi (sciatica), gaps in the feet, compression of the muscles, and veins of legs.

The feet are hydrated,supple, smooth and it promotes sound peaceful sleep.

Some amazing benefits of Abhyanga

Abhyanga, which is among the dinacharyas or a daily practice is an old Indian methodology.

The human body has 107 marma (vital points). Marma points are the juncture, where prana (energy) resides. By doing massage the vital points get stimulated and produce positive energy, thereby protecting, rejuvenating and increasing the immunity towards environmental changes.

It is scientifically proven that massage increases the production of white blood corpuscles and antibodies, which provide more resistance against the diseases, thus strengthening the body.

Relaxes the nerves

Abhyanga is extraordinary for calming & instils an overall feeling of harmony, serenity and peacefulness, even in the midst of the wild goings-on of everyday life. - Massage has a relieving impact on the sensory system.

Boosts Stamina & alleviates alertness levels, Flushes Toxins & improves blood circulation

An extraordinary benefit is expanded energy and endurance support the digestion, sustains and recharges, firms and tones the skin and muscles, adjusts the working of inner organs and streamlines the body's capacity to flush and eliminate toxins; and, , it additionally rejuvenates and empowers the cells of the body & ensures smoother blood flow

Induces peaceful sleep

Abhyanga is a beneficiary action to induce sleep. Take hold of your preferred massaging oil, and take some additional time at night to slow down and abound in a warm-oil massage followed by a hot shower.

We recommend massaging the gentle & delicately fragrant Ohria's Rose & Pomegranate shower oil.

Abhyanga- A daily must-do

Abhyanga can revitalize & Rejuvenate your body considerably, so indulge in a SELF-MASSAGE SESSION daily for a few minutes especially during the winter season, and boosts the overall health overtime & witness how the body feels light, stiffnesses are reduced, skin becomes supple & hair growth is improved naturally over time.

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