The Ultimate Skin Toner: Cooling & Hydrating Beauty Water From Ayurveda

It creates a moisture layer, which helps in the better assimilation of the products into the skin. Also, when used post your regime it locks the moisture, imparting a subtle sheen to the skin. Beauty water a subtle hydrant and toner with cleansing, brightening & softening effects on the skin. It is gentle for daily use and good for all skin types.

What is Beauty water?

Beauty waters are floral or herb waters made by steam distillation or infusing extracts or essences in water. It protects the skin and prepares it for the next steps of the skincare regime. The Raat Rani flowers are known to be cooling, soothing, calming and youth-restoring. This property of flowers is utilised in our beauty water by exposing the flowers to lunar energy and plucking them while the auspicious energy is intact.

Beauty water: An ancient beauty secret

Ohria brings to you the lost secrets of ancient Indian beauty. Queens were known to keep the flower-infused water exposed to full waxing moon and they would splash it on the face as a beauty ritual. It not only refreshes them but also restores hydration and provides sheen and supple skin.

Ohria Raatrani and Mint mist

Ohria pure RAATRANI & MINT BEAUTY WATER is obtained by steam distillation of Night Blooming Jasmine flowers and mint leaves. The blend is exposed to auspicious waxing full moon for soaking the cooling lunar energy. The blend hydrates, calms, cools, softens and gently tones the skin. A natural Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory beauty water with antioxidants. Night Blooming Jasmine is used in curing skin ailments & improving skin texture. The flower that blooms at night, takes its cooling and hydrating properties from the moonlight. Using mint for skin controls oiliness as it contains Vitamin A. It rejuvenates and refreshes the skin making it bright and soft.

Moonlight benefits

According to Ayurveda,the moon has a cooling, soothing rejuvenating , calming, age defying effect on the mind and body. Exposure to moonlight is an effective way to soothe and cool excess heat, anger and imbalances from the body’s pitta element. These effects, in turn, are reflected on the skin. Moon bathing is the easiest way to treat your skin by enriching it with moonlight shine. But in this busy lifestyle, we all are lacking time so we have got you covered. We have encapsulated these benefits and used them in beauty water.

Beauty water in Ayurveda

Ayurveda states water to be soma, known for its cooling property that is associated with the lunar energy. Water is “Jeevana ”, life-restoring and life provider. It is vital in nature.

It is ‘sheetala ‘, cooling and purifying.

Relax your mind and skin & incorporate beauty water into your daily regime. Spray & splash it on the face as often as required and let the skin quench its thirst. It will ensure a plump, well-hydrated, healthy & a youthful complexion.

Beauty water benefits

Raatrani and Mint beauty water is the go-to and versatile skincare product that compliments all the skincare regimen. Bringing you the 7 different ways in which it can be used everyday.

PREPARING:Use its under day cream or under makeup. It forms a light moisture film for absorbing other skincare steps/products.

COOLING :Blend it with Tej Vardak ubtan or your regular ubtan.

CALMING:It’s a potent blend of calming raatrani flowers & lunar energy that reduces inflammation, & soothes skin.

PROTECTANT:Use it under your day lotion or Ohria turmeric and saffron lotion. It forms a light veil against environment depletion and protects from dust and dirt.

HYDRATING:As a moisture drink, spray it often as it gently hydrates and softens skin making it supple.

ANTI-AGING: Blend it with night repair serum or Brhmana. It protects against free radical damage.

GLOWING: Use it with Kansa face massage wand to relax muscles and balance pitta, reducing dark circles & inducing a glow.

Relieve, relax and revive with Ohria’s Raatrani beauty water

Raatrani & mint beauty water can have positive effects on skin & can be very beneficial for dry & dull skin. It can uplift skin and protect it from depletion. The unique formulation has multiple benefits. Relying on this ancient beauty secret for enhancing skin quality and relieving all accumulated skin stress.

A must-have in your beauty regime, to soothe & rejuvenate your skin health for an enhanced glow.

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