Ohria Urges to go all Natural

  • 15 minutes

    Rub garlic as a test & you can taste it within 15 minutes, whatever you put on your skin circulates through your body everywhere, Am I eating my body lotion too?

  • 26 seconds

    Cosmetics take 26 seconds to go full strength directly in blood stream. Think of beauty products not as cosmetics but as food. Ayurvedic standard for pure & natural, is if you cannot eat it, do not use it on your skin.

  • 7 Plant derivatives

    Plant derivatives penetrate all 7 layers of skin within minutes. They are plant’s essence, its soul, immune enhancer. Natural products containing their derivatives & essential oils enhance our immunity, Ojas and deliver nutrient & medicinal properties.

  • 5000 Royal Ayurveda

    Time tested Time honored

    Ayurveda, a science of life, is 5000 years old science of longevity that promotes positive health, natural beauty & long life.

  • 2nd brain Skin is álive

    Skin is alive, our second brain, it thinks, knows, communicates, feels and receives love. Natural products made of plants are Alive, beauty products that skin can sense as its own Chemical Cosmetics are synthetic molecules that cannot give life back to skin.

  • Balance Be Natural

    We are unavoidably in constant touch with harmful chemicals through air, food, water etc.

    Why not nourish our skin and strive to balance through Ayurvedic natural practices?