Destress, Rejuvenate, & Recharge Your Body With Ayurvedic Foot Kansa Massage Wand

It places incredible emphasis on prevention and encourages the upkeep of wellbeing by paying close consideration towards balance in one's life, thinking diet, lifestyle, and the consumption of herbs

Foot Massage

Our body is said to be a temple and the foundation of the same lies in our feet. Originating from ancient Indian medicine, an Ayurvedic foot massage(Padabhyanga) can heal, revive, and improve circulation in the whole body.

An old Indian saying proposes that infection never goes close to an individual who rubs their feet prior to sleeping.

In ancient India, princesses used to get their feet massaged using Kansa katori as a before sleep ritual by the maids to keep their doshas in balance. It is known to subdue Vata and Kapha, benefitting and improving eyesight.

Our body is ruled by three (doshas called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha) that bring about wellbeing in the event if they are regulated, the ailment is the result if they aren't balanced.

Moreover, bottled up emotions is viewed as undesirable as it can be the reason for sicknesses and medical issues, similar to a blockage of liquids in specific channels called srotas.

Ayurveda foot massages utilize oils and Swedana (fomentation) to unblock these Srotras and accordingly, the whole body and sensory system are influenced. The mind is relaxed & calmed , improving the body's ability to heal itself .

Ayurvedic Foot Kansa Massage

Massaging is an amazing practice for rejuvenation and holistic wellbeing. It stimulates the nerves and improves blood flow to treat the root cause of all medical problems.

Kansa Vatki foot massage is a massaging procedure done through Kansa Vatki whose Hindi meaning is 'Metal Bowl'. This metal bowl is a bell metal, an alloy of copper. Kansa is known for its cooling potency. It is a sacred metal and a good conductor of electromagnetic energy , thereby has an ability to tune the chakras, the spiritual energy centres.

These metals are well known for their medical advantages:

Copper- Fights inflammation to diminish pain

Tin- Helpful in reducing the side effects of sleep deprivation, migraines, and improves absorption.

This massage not just relaxes legs and feet but brings about a balance in elements of the body.

It is suggested to accompany kansa massage with essential oils and butter and avoid acidic oils or balms. Ohria Ayurveda’s foot balm is one wonder product that works well with foot Kansa wand and boosts the benefits altogether. It is enriched with raw honey, cane sugar, cow’s ghee & Kokum butter to promote healthy and supple skin. It draws out toxins, relieving accumulated stress. Essential oils of cedarwood and frankincense further induce relaxation & peaceful sleep.

Benefits of Foot Kansa massage
  • Induces sleep
  • Cures ailments
  • Draws out accumulated toxins from the feet produced via acidity
  • Aids in Curing Headaches and migraines
  • Wards off bacterial and fungal infections
  • Improves eyesight
  • Boosts immunity
  • Keeps body’s doshas in balance
  • Improves foot and legs muscles
  • Relaxes body’s physiology
  • Balances all the dohas
  • Reduces anxiety, depression and stress
Movements of massage as designed by Ohria Ayurveda

It is suggested to use an emollient balm /ghee /oil to massage your feet with a Kansa wand so that it glides on the feet smoothly.

  • Move it in a zig-zag manner
  • Draw out number 8 on the feet
  • Move your Kansa in a circular motion
  • Slide it on your feet in a car wiper direction
  • Heel cupping , sliding on the heel
The Grey Soot

You’ll observe that sometimes grey soot is produced after the massage.

The black soot is the accumulated acids. Kansa wand was designed in Ayurveda to specially aid the lymphatic system. The wand detoxifies by drawing out acidity & balancing the skin’s Ph level. It reduces high pitta or excessive heat & balances chakras. Since the toxins accumulated in lymph nodes are acidic, releasing them with Kansa massage makes you feel light, improving healthy blood circulation, inducing peaceful sleep & reducing stress.

If there’s no grey soot while massaging, it doesn’t mean that the Kansa wand isn’t working but the benefits are still being assimilated.

Ayurveda promotes Holistic wellbeing, and so utilizing this age-old massaging tool we can ease out our lives by relieving everyday stress and rejuvenating, utilizing the benefits from ancient wisdom.

Go ahead and indulge in this massage, the “Mother Of all Therapies “!

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