Ohria - At Our Core

Ohria - True to Our name

Our five letter name denotes the five basic elements (Panchamahabhutas) that all objects, in the universe are composed of, according to Ayurveda. A balance of these five elements can be achieved through Ayurveda to attain perfect health and beauty. Our products bring you closer to nature, with ingredients chosen for sake of health, concern for environment, respect for tradition, creating beauty in balance, Ohria brings them all in harmony.

  • Natural & Organic Ingredients

    Carefully selected that are safe, superfoods for skin/hair from reliable sources, organically grown plants, rare herbs & oils form basis of our Ayurvedic formulation

  • Hand Crafted with Passion

    Our love for Ayurveda and for our natural ingredients, responsibility of environment and client’s health, Passion for our ancestral Ayurvedic formulations, all reflect in each & every product handcrafted with love.

  • Free From - What’s not inside Ohria products

    Our products are free from all harmful chemicals, toxins, preservatives, synthetic fragrances, color. Instead Ohria products stand for cosmetics gentle on skin, in sync with nature. First time in India a product line free from PEG’S, Silicons, apart from Sulphates, parabens, mineral oil, heavy metals, pesticides. Most of our products are preservative free instead a natural additive (plant derived) is added to give shelf life to our products.

  • True Ayurvedic Tradition

    All botanical extracts, distillation, titration of herbs and plants are painstakingly made in house in true ayurvedic tradition as taught by Ayurved Acharya, mantras are chanted during the process to enhance efficacy. Classical ayurvedic recipes are followed.

  • Cruelty Free

    We love nature, our planet and everything in it. From our ecofriendly production unit, recyclable packaging to our love for our animals. We are committed to protecting our environment. No testing on animals.