New Product Launch: Ultimate Skin and Hair Growth Tool

Ultimate Skin and Hair Growth Tool - Ohria Ayurveda

Hair fall, dull skin, and lackluster hair are widespread concerns affecting many people. Complaints about acne, hair fall, and frizziness are also some we often hear of.

Our newly launched Ultimate Skin & Hair Growth Toolis a 2-in-1 massage tool that provides the perfect solution for these all too common issues. It can be used on the face along with the hair and scalp as a target solution to these concerns.

Crafted with precision in Green Aventurine, this tool goes beyond being a beauty accessory; it provides a gateway into a skin and hair care journey with practices derived from ancient Ayurvedic rituals towards holistic well-being.

The Essence of Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine, a gemstone known for its soothing green hues, isn't just a visual delight—it has incredible benefits for our skin and hair. It is a rare stone originating in India and also holds a significant place in Ayurveda. Known for attracting good luck, healing emotional wounds, and releasing stress, it is a powerful stone that promotes confidence, love, and compassion.

Tool Design and Purpose

The purpose of the intricate design of the tool is more than aesthetic. It features comb teeth, strategically placed on one side to stimulate new hair growth and increase blood circulation in the scalp. The other three sides are specifically designed for face & neck massage to rejuvenate the skin from within and allow deep penetration of products used with it. 

Each side serves a unique purpose, transforming your skin and hair care routine into a tranquil ritual. The result? Refreshed, rejuvenated skin and major stress relief. 

The green aventurine stone itself has natural healing powers that are believed in and experienced around the world. Using the stone in the form of a face and hair tool provides the same healing power to your body. 

Hair Care Benefits

For those seeking luscious locks, the Ultimate Skin & Hair Growth Tool becomes a game-changer. It boosts hair growth and provides relaxation through enhanced blood flow. Applying the appropriate Ohria product with the tool creates a synergy that promotes external beauty and overall hair health. Let’s have a look at the products best combined with the tool to target specific skin and hair concerns:

1. Hairfall Control Combo

Pairing our Skin & Hair Growth Tool with the Banyan Root Hair Tonic, this dynamic duo is meticulously crafted to reduce hair fall and prevent premature greying. With consistent use, not only will you notice healthier hair, but also a revitalized scalp, promoting improved blood flow to the roots of the hair for optimal nourishment.


  1. Reduces hair fall & thinning
  2. Prevents premature hair greying
  3. Promotes healthy hair and relieves stress
  4. Improves the condition of hair and scalp
  5. Improves blood flow to the roots of the hair
  6. Promotes deeper assimilation of the Banyan Root tonic
Hairfall Control Combo - Ohria Ayurveda

2. Hair Damage Repair Combo

This combo, comprising the Skin & Hair Growth Tool and Keshya Anti Frizz Hair Oil, forms a powerful duo that deeply conditions and nourishes the scalp, leading to frizz-free, healthy, lustrous hair.


  • Cures dry, frizzy, and damaged hair
  • Deeply conditions the scalp
  • Prevents premature greying
  • Prevents split ends & breakage
  • Reverses damage from chemical treatments
  • Promotes deeper assimilation of the Keshya oil


    Hair Damage Repair Combo - Ohria Ayurveda


    3. Healthy & Voluminous Hair Combo

    If the volume is what your hair has been missing, this combo is perfect for you. This dynamic duo of Japa Pushpa Thailam with the Skin & Hair Growth Tool helps in deep penetration of oil, increases blood circulation, and revives your hair’s lost luster.


    1. Combats hair fall
    2. Rejuvenates scalp health
    3. Improves blood circulation
    4. Restores hair volume
    5. Promotes deeper assimilation of oil
    6. Reduces headaches, fatigue, and tension
    Healthy & Voluminous Hair Combo - Ohria Ayurveda

      4. Hair Growth Combo

      Crafted to promote luscious locks and optimal hair health, this duo consists of our innovative skin & hair growth tool along with our Keshya Hair Vitalizer. Together, they stimulate new hair growth, boost blood circulation to hair follicles, and prevent thinning and breakage.


      1. Stimulates new hair growth
      2. Strengthens hair follicles
      3. Prevents Hair Thinning and Breakage
      4. Makes the hair thick & luscious
      Hair Growth Combo - Ohria Ayurveda

        How to Use For Head Massage 

        For a rejuvenating head massage:

        Warm-up: Comb your hair to distribute natural oils evenly.

        Exfoliate: Move the tool in a circular motion to enhance blood circulation and remove product residue.

        Nourish: Apply the appropriate Ohria Hair Product to the entire scalp.

        Stimulate: Move in zig-zag movements to stimulate follicles, focusing on any areas with bald patches.

        Skin Care Benefits

        If you enjoy indulging in daily skincare rituals, you have to add this unique ayurvedic massage tool to your regime. 

        It boosts skin healing and also repairs and rejuvenates by accelerating new cell growth. The unique toning properties lift the face, stimulate collagen production, and reduce toxin build-up and puffiness on pairing up with appropriate Ohria Skincare products. Let’s have a look at the products the tool can be paired with to combat various concerns:

        1. Anti Pigmentation Combo

        Our Skin & Hair Growth Tool along with the Turmeric Butter targets hyperpigmentation while combating signs of aging. The butter's anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties protect your skin from sun damage while brightening and repairing it. Meanwhile, the tool's healing and contouring abilities sculpt and tone the face, enhancing its overall appearance


        1. Cures hyperpigmentation
        2. Anti-aging
        3. Anti-inflammatory & antiseptic
        4. Prevents sun-damage
        5. Brightens and repairs the skin
        Anti Pigmentation Combo - Ohria Ayurveda

          2. Skin Brightening Combo

          The Skin & Hair Growth Tool combined with the Kumkumadi Skin Brightening Elixir works magically to impart a radiant glow and enhance skin quality. Experience a smoother texture, intense hydration, and a luminous glow as this dynamic combination tightens and revitalizes your skin. Additionally, it boosts collagen production and effectively delays signs of aging, ensuring a youthful and sculpted face.


          1. Provides intense hydration & glow
          2. Repairs damaged skin
          3. Boosts collagen production
          4. Tightens & revitalizes the skin
          5. Delays signs of aging
          Skin Brightening Combo - Ohria Ayurveda

            3. Anti-acne Combo

            Tailored for oily skin, this combo is curated to combat breakouts and promote a clear complexion. This powerful duo, featuring our Ultimate Skin & Hair Growth Tool alongside the Neem & Tulsi Hydrating Gel, gives a refreshing cooling sensation while effectively targeting acne-causing bacteria.


            1. Prevents & treats Acne
            2. Reduces inflammation and redness
            3. Prevents excess sebum production
            4. Enhances product penetration
            5. Soothes & hydrates the skin
            Anti-acne Combo - Ohria Ayurveda

              4. Face Firming Combo

              Pairing the Ultimate Skin & Hair Growth Tool with our Shrikamya Facial Beauty Oil, enriched with a potent blend of herbs, not only lifts and hydrates but also minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck.


              1. Skin firming & plumping
              2. Prevents fine lines & wrinkles
              3. Boosts collagen production
              4. Rejuvenates the skin
              5. Enhances the complexion
              ace Firming Combo - Ohria Ayurveda

                How to Use For Face Massage

                Unlock the full potential of the tool with a step-by-step guide:

                Forehead: Use the triangle-shaped side and sweep from the center to the sides and upwards.

                Cheeks: Lift gently using the bigger arch, towards the temples.

                Under Cheeks: Vibrate the tool under the cheekbone to release tension.

                Jawline: Sweep the smaller arch from the chin to the earlobes.

                Neck: Use the smaller arch to slide behind the earlobe, draining the lymph into the clavicles.

                The Revival of an Ancient Ayurvedic Ritual

                Ohria Ayurveda seamlessly combines ancient wisdom with modern beauty, bringing you a tool that stimulates new growth, reduces hair fall, and sculpts the face. It's not just a product; it's a journey into self-care, embracing the essence of Ayurveda.

                Ohria Ayurveda takes pride in reviving ancient Ayurvedic rituals. The Skin & Hair Growth Tool in Green Aventurine encapsulates positivity, luck, emotional healing, and stress relief. Its combing action improves scalp energy, boosts blood circulation, and stimulates new growth, whereas other sides lift and nourish the face, offering a holistic approach to self-care. 


                Embrace the transformative power of Ohria Ayurveda's "Ultimate Skin & Hair Growth Tool". Elevate your self-care routine, indulge in ancient rituals, and witness a harmonious blend of beauty and wellness.

                Contact us to learn more about the tool and we will be delighted to assist you. 

                1. Is the Green Aventurine tool suitable for all hair types?

                Yes, the tool is designed to benefit all hair types.

                2. How frequently should the tool be used for optimal results?

                For best results, use the tool 2-3 times a week.

                3. Can the tool be used without Ohria products?
                While the tool can be used alone, combining it with Ohria products enhances its effectiveness.

                4. Is the tool recommended for sensitive skin?
                Yes, Green Aventurine is calming for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

                5. Are there any contraindications for using the tool?
                The tool is generally safe for use but consult our doctor if you have specific skin conditions.
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