Almond & Saffron Baby Ubtan
Almond & Saffron Baby Ubtan
Almond & Saffron Baby Ubtan

Almond & Saffron Baby Ubtan

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A mixture of all the natural and herbal ingredients gently cleanses the babies. It is a substitute for store-bought chemically loaded soap because the baby's skin is highly permeable and absorbent. It comprises Almond powder, Sandalwood powder, Coconut milk powder, Gram flour, Moong Chilka, and many more.

It nourishes the skin, keeps it healthy, and reduces inflammation. Wheat flour and moong removes dirt and toxins and mute down excess hair follicles. Turmeric is anti-bacterial and antifungal. Coconut and milk powder rich in calcium and proteins which moisturizes skin. And almonds in the Ubtan deeply nourishes skin tissues and improves circulation.


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Make a paste of baby ubtan with raw milk and a few drops of baby body oil. Gently apply and remove ubtan using the soft upward strokes. Rinse with lukewarm water. No soap needed. Caution: Babies have very soft and sensitive skin. So, perform a patch test on the hand before full body application. Avoid areas around the eyes.
Gram flour, Moong Chilka, Jau atta, Coconut milk powder, Red lentils, Milk powder, Sandalwood powder, Almond powder Haldi, Black Mustard seeds, Saffron
Baby ubtan promotes clear, bright and even skin tone. It also mutes the excess hair follicle.