Glass Eye Cups
Glass Superior, Smooth Edge, Glass Eye Wash
Glass Eye Wash Cup for Eye Rinse

Glass Eye Cups

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  • Netra Shudhi; Purifying
  • Cooling & Soothing
  • Reduces Dark Circles
  • Strengthens Eye Muscles
  • Releases Stress
It contains:
  • 1 Pc Glass Eye Cups
  • 1 Sample: Triphala Powder

Netra shudhi, an ancient ayurvedic yoga practice known as 'Netra prakshalan' in Ayurveda that has been practiced for centuries for its innumerable benefits. Ohria Ayurveda Glass Eyecups are cooling, purifying & soothing. All the edges are designed to be smooth around the eye & the size is just to cover the eye for a tight seal to prevent spillage. It is easy to carry & clean.

Regular eye cleansing with Triphala kashaye hydrates tired & over worked eyes, strengthens eye muscles, improves eye sight & reduces dark circles. It reduces & balances pitta (heat of eye) and removes toxins, dirt & pollution. Thus, it is an anti-aging ritual for eyes which prevents fine lines & wrinkles. 

    How To Make Triphala Water:

    Take ¼ tsp of Triphala powder and soak in boiling hot water overnight. Strain and use the Triphala water in eyecups the next morning. For gradually getting the eyes used to Triphala start with a lower dosage. Initially use a pinch of Triphala powder and gradually increase the dosage to ¼ tsp.


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    - Pour prepared Triphla water into the cups. - Hold the cup in your hand lower the head to dip eyes in water completely. - Blink a few times. - Rotate clockwise and anticlockwise looking in each extreme direction for few seconds. - Blink few times again. - Rinse, clean and dry the cups.
    Pure Glass Eyecups. Triphala - Amla, Bibhitaki, Haritaki.
    When used regularly, eyes are thoroughly cleansed & cooling. Thus, reduces dark circles & gives a natural shine to eyes.