Pavitram: The Divine Nectar Bath Gift Box
Pavitram: The Divine Nectar Bath Gift Box
Pavitram: The Divine Nectar Bath Gift Box

Pavitram: The Divine Nectar Bath Gift Box

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The Box Contains:
  • 1 Pc Amrit Ras Facial Cleanser, 100ml
  • 1 Pc Amrit Ras Shower Wash, 100ml
  • 1 Pc Amrit Ras Bathing Bar, 120g

The divine immortal drink of devas, Amrit as described in the Samudra Manthan legend. Perfect gift for this Dhanteras, as Lord Dhanvantari emerged with Amrit from the churning of the ocean. This serenity inducing collection of products to utilize satvik ingredients, ghee (clarified butter), banana, dates, elaichi grains & basil leaf helps cleanse the aura around you. This unique traditional collection is hand created by blending in ‘Divine Nectar’, sattvic botanicals that produce goodness thereby improving skin quality and enhancing natural glow within.

  • Amrit Ras Bathing Bar: The divine rejuvenating bathing bar with a unique blend of sattvic ingredients for a purifying bathing experience. Nourishing traditional cleansers, revitalize, soften, nourish and soothe.
  • Amrit Ras Shower Wash: A perfect wash to cleanse & purify body & soul. A skin-softening wash for divine feel. Combines ingredients of milk, yogurt, honey, cane sugar, coconut & cane sugar.
  • Amrit Ras Facial Cleanser: Gentle, softening cleansing milk that does not strip the skin’s natural moisture.


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Manufactured and Marketed by: OHRIA AYURVEDA LLP, 70/B-17, Najafgarh Road Industrial Area New Delhi, 110015
(Made In India)

Apply bathing bar to create a lather on skin and rinse well. Store in a cool dry place for a long lasting bar. Massage a small amount of Cleanser on a damp skin of face or body in upward circular motion, rinse with water or remove with wet cotton. Pat skin dry.
Amrit Ras Bathing Bar: Honey, Milk Powder, Yoghurt, Clarified Butter, Sugar, Basil Leaf, Banana Extract, Grapes, Dates Extract, Wheat Germ Extract, Glycerin, Apricot Oil, Saponified Palm Oil, Saponified Virgin Coconut Oil, Saponified Castor Oil, Coconut Derivatives. Amrit Ras Shower Wash: Honey, Milk powder, yoghurt, Dates, clarified butter, Coconut water, Wheat Germ extract, sugar, banana extract, Coconut derivatives, Cane Sugar, cardamom, Guar Gum extract, Coconut Milk, Apricot Oil, Glycerin, Tulsi water Amrit Ras Facial Cleanser: Yoghurt, Honey, Milk Powder, Clarified Butter, Banana Extracts, Tulsi Extract, Coconut Derivatives, Cane Sugar, Xantum Gum Extract, Wheatgerm Extract, Rose Extract, Apricot Oil, Soya, Lecithin, Tulsi, Ashwagandha Oil, Glycerin, Eranda Oil, Sunflower Oil.
After instant usage, the skin is deeply cleansed & moisturized for the whole day.